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Monthly Service Agreements

Review and Rethink Monthly Service Agreements

12th May 2020 | Posted by admin

COVID-19 has forced all businesses to adapt and change in the wake of the new normal.

I.T should not be an area of your business where you dismiss when it comes to cost-cutting. One key area that most businesses overlook is monthly service agreements. In a nutshell, this is an agreement between you the client and the provider, so they will provide some level of service when it comes to guaranteed onsite or remote turn around times to fixing issues, or guaranteed hourly rate.

This way of thinking is great for the I.T company, and it might seem like you are buying an insurance policy but the truth of the matter is that if you average out the cost you spend on the monthly service agreement over 12 months, you are better off being on an Adhoc plan with your provider.

At Gekko, we do not believe in service agreements and plans. We believe in good relationships with our clients and trust that when it comes time for necessary maintenance to be done, that our clients trust us that it needs to be done on an Adhoc basis, so it preserves cash for business which is highly needed in times like now.

Contact Us today so we can review your operation and costs to make sure you are on the right plans, and potentially save you some much needed operating costs.